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eSheep 64-bit

Can you remember this application from the '95? This nice sheep covered our desktops for years :D
Since, this application was a 16-bit version and it doesn't work anymore on Windows7/8/10,
I wrote a little application in c# to see this sheep again on the desktop!

DesktopPet.exe, is it safe?
  Author: Adriano21.04.2016 19:07  
If you want to download this sheep, probably you will get a warning message from Windows smartscreen or from your antivirus program.
This, because the downloads are not so much and because my certificate is not installed on many computers.


Since january 2016 Windows 64bit want a SHA-2 certificate to proof the EXE. SHA-1 is threated as not secure. Thanks to it was possible to get a certificate to sign my application for 14€ (open source projects). This doesn`t mean that the application is more secure but you can proof that it was compiled by me!!! This increase also my reputation on Smartscreen and on the antivirus.

If many users downloaded this application, you will be able to execute it directly from webpage as exe. If not, you have still the zip version and once it is on your computer the antivirus will be more tolerant.

So, enjoy the application and if it has the CERTUM certificate (Adriano Petrucci OpenSource developer) you can be sure it is the compiled source where you can find on GitHub!
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This page is outdated. The entire project and a new editor are now hosted on GitHub.
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