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PNG to ICO converter

With this converter, you can convert a PNG image to an ICO (used for the taskbar and application icon).
Select a square PNG, be sure that the square is filled, don't leave empty lines or rows if you want a good icon.

Image to base64 converter

With this tool, you can convert an image to a base64 text. You don't need it if you use the online tool but you need it if you are developing the animations manually.
Image info
Image preview...
base 64 string
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This is an
Open Source project!

You can see the entire code and wiki on GitHub.
See this project and report any bugs here:
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Download for free!

Now as UWP-App for Windows 10
Download it directly from the Microsoft Store:
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Win 7/8 exe
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Go to GitHub!

This page is outdated. The entire project and a new editor are now hosted on GitHub.
Also the webpage and Blog is now on Github pages.
Please visit:
Online Editor Editor x -

Create your own pet!

I wrote an online editor, so you can write your personal pet and publish it worldwide!
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Some utilities for the editor:
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