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eSheep 64-bit

Can you remember this application from the '95? This nice sheep covered our desktops for years :D
Since, this application was a 16-bit version and it doesn't work anymore on Windows7/8/10,
I wrote a little application in c# to see this sheep again on the desktop!

Published pets
  Author: Adriano22.03.2018 09:52  
I begun to remove some pets from the released one.

Once you wrote your animation in the editor, you can publish them as beta. In this way you can see your pets inside the app.

Do not publish them as release if you are still testing it!

Since I want to have it as community application, it would be nice to have working pets, and not unfinished pets.

I will remove the pets from the release if:
  • The pet icon is wrong
  • or there is no description or standard description
  • or does not work on windows
  • or the sprite sheet shows wrong images

This will give me more work, so don`t publish them if you see that it is not ready to be published!
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I wrote an online editor, so you can write your personal pet and publish it worldwide!
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