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eSheep 64-bit

Can you remember this application from the '95? This nice sheep covered our desktops for years :D
Since, this application was a 16-bit version and it doesn't work anymore on Windows7/8/10,
I wrote a little application in c# to see this sheep again on the desktop!
Moving to GitHub 02.07.2019
After a lot of work and make it really open source, the last step was move also the webpage on GitHub.

With the last version (2.1 UWP or 1.2.1 for Desktop) you are able to download new mates directly from GitHub and not anymore from this webpage. This means, that everyone can create a mate and upload it to GitHub without giving any information to this webserver.

In future, this homepage will also be hosted here:

Every blog entry and every pet will have a Disqus chat.

Offline editor 19.06.2019
Edit and test your pets offline
Now as UWP! 27.02.2019
I found a solution for my certificate, publish it as UWP
Published pets 22.03.2018
wrong released pets
Tampermonkey and new Script available 13.11.2017
New project on GitHub
Better online editor 10.03.2017
I powered up a little bit the online editor
New animations 24.02.2017
how simple it is to create a new animation
Animation as graph 07.02.2017
Added a converter for animation writers
Add the sheep to your webpage 03.06.2016
A simple tutorial to explain how to add this sheep to your webpage
Online editor - sprite sheet 27.04.2016
The first step if you want create your pet
GitHub Open Source x -

This is an
Open Source project!

You can see the entire code and wiki on GitHub.
See this project and report any bugs here:
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Download for free!

Now as UWP-App for Windows 10
Download it directly from the Microsoft Store:
See Video
Win 7/8 exe
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Go to GitHub!

This page is outdated. The entire project and a new editor are now hosted on GitHub.
Also the webpage and Blog is now on Github pages.
Please visit:
Online Editor Editor x -

Create your own pet!

I wrote an online editor, so you can write your personal pet and publish it worldwide!
Download Editor
Open Editor


Some utilities for the editor:
Open Converters

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