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Download eSheep (DesktopPet):
Windows 7/8/10 application
Download zip (if your antivirus doesn't allow exes) Execute application from webpage (recommended).
DesktopPet.gz (zip)


Downloads: 7981 Downloads: 27490
Current version: 1.0.7
Last update: 13.01.2018

Available pets:

(Click on a pet/mate to see a preview directly on this page)

* Application is now signed with a Certum SHA-2 certificate.

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This is an
Open Source project!

You can see the entire code and wiki on GitHub.
See this project and report any bugs here:
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Download this sheep and see how she walk around your desktop for Free:
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Current version: 1.0.7

See Video
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Create your own pet!

I wrote an online editor, so you can write your personal pet and publish it worldwide!
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Some utilities for the editor:
Open Converters

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